Hye Quality Bakery Opens eStore

I love the internet! Without it, how else would I have learned that the Hye Quality Bakery in Fresno has just started an e-store?

Hye Quality Bakery, which has been in operation since 1957, is owned and operated by the Ganimian family. They specialize in traditional Armenian cracker bread – and more! Now you can order their products – in the U.S. – by just ‘clicking-and-ordering’ from the convenience of – well, anywhere!

The following article explains it all. Read on, and happy shopping!
The Original Sandwich and Wrap Soft Roll-up Bread Now Available Online.
CONTACT: Sammy Ganimian, (877) 445-1778, sg@hyequalitybakery.com

FRESNO, CA., April, 2010 — For many years, roll-up pinwheel sandwiches have been a favorite as appetizers, snacks and light meals. In addition, the growing popularity of wrap sandwiches has increased the demand for the soft, pliable cracker bread used in these recipes. To serve this demand, Hye Quality Bakery in Fresno has launched an online eStore to offer their full line of traditional cracker breads and crackers to the entire United States.

Hye Quality Bakery developed America’s first soft cracker bread in 1980, the Hye Rollertm, and today their pliable cracker bread rounds are used in homes and restaurants throughout the country by those who insist on a fresh-baked, soft cracker bread with flavors that will not dominate their sandwiches, appetizers and wraps.

On the bakery’s new web site at www.hyequalitybakery.com, you will find a number of recipes available for download to create colorful sandwiches, appetizers and wraps for parties or as an exciting alternative for children’s lunches. Favorite recipes on the site are the Mediterranean Hye Roller, which blends several flavors from the home lands where cracker bread was first baked, the Pizza Roll, a heated roll-up full of pizza-style ingredients popular with kids, or the Vegetarian Burrito, a delicious mixture of spanish-themed tastes finished with taco sauce and green chilies. Hye RollersTM can also be coated with olive oil and toasted in the oven to make a natural, wholesome alternative to tortilla chips.

Cracker bread is an Armenian tradition that dates back to biblical times. Also referred to as Lahvash, flat bread, and Parag-Hatz (thin bread), this cracker bread has been available to a limited number of retailers. But with the launch of their new online e-Store, Hye Quality Bakery is now shipping their breads directly into kitchens across the country.

The new online e-Store sells all three of Hye Quality Bakery’s main product lines, including the family’s traditional recipe Armenian Cracker Bread and Hye DeLitestm Gourmet Crackers, as well as the popular Hye RollersTM Soft Cracker Bread. The Hye DeLites Gourmet Crackers are a low-sodium hexagonal cracker that have become a favorite with wineries, who prefer them as a taste-neutral palette cleanser to compliment their wines in a tasting room environment or at gala wine events.

The methods used to bake Hye Quality’s soft cracker breads and other products reflect the bakery’s adherence to strict Old World values. Only unbleached flours and natural ingredients are used to produce their dough, which is unaltered with dough conditioners, additives, gums or preservatives. All their cracker breads are low in sodium and certified Kosher Dairy. The bread is still shaped, not dye-cut, and much of the baking process remains “hands-on” to maintain the level of quality the bakery’s reputation demands.

To order Hye Quality Bakery’s Armenian cracker breads online, visit http://www.hyequalitybakery.com/. Orders from food service customers, distributors and the public can also be made by phone at (877) 445-1778.
TheArmenianKitchen.com wishes the Ganimian family much success in their new venture!

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  1. Leon Kaye May 4, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    What great news! I love HQB: they used to come to Fresno State and give presentations way back when. I think I'm going to have to open an account and spread the word 🙂

  2. Robyn May 4, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Terrific!Please send HQB my best wishes.

  3. LGazarian May 6, 2010 at 1:53 am

    No trip to visit family was complete with out stopping at Hye Quality…and Valley…and Manukian's Deli! Thank you for the trip down memory lane…


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