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Talking about Armenian Food with Comedian Mary Basmadjian, my (future) Best Friend

Talking about Armenian food with comedian Mary Basmadjian.

3 years ago

We eat Armenian food all the time but we’ll never forget eating in Armenia

Five years have zipped by since we visited Armenia and reveled in every conceivable style of Armenian food, feasting our…

4 years ago

Stanley’s Shish Kebab & Baked Lamb Shanks

Stanley Kooyumjian's story and recipes recently appeared in The Armenian Mirror-Spectator. I share this with you, thanks to Christine Datian.…

4 years ago

Nashville, TN: Home to Country-Western Music, the Grand Ole Opry, Chef Hrant Arakelian, “Lyra” restaurant, and Chef Hrant’s recipe for Armenian Manti!

You read that correctly, folks! My husband, Doug, is a master at researching. For decades his research was related to…

5 years ago

An Armenian restaurant near Charlotte, NC? Yes, indeed! Welcome to the Ararat 17 Restaurant, Indian Trail, NC

It’s hard to find an Armenian restaurant – unless you’re in Armenia. We never expected we’d find one across the…

6 years ago

Montreal – French city with a Middle Eastern twist!

After a 6-week excursion to NJ, upstate NY, and Montreal, we’re finally back in Florida. I’m relieved to report our…

7 years ago

Chef Serge Madikians’ SEREVAN restaurant, Amenia, NY

Before we left Florida for upstate NY in August, Doug did an online search for Armenian restaurants in our travel…

7 years ago

Anahid Krichian’s Grill and Bistro – gem in Paterson, NJ

Over the years, I’ve heard many stories about the delicious food Anahid Krichian catered to Armenian functions in north Jersey.…

7 years ago

Dining-Out in Yerevan

Selecting a good restaurant in Yerevan can be a tricky experience – just like anywhere else in the world. We…

9 years ago

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