Mother’s Day: year-long celebration

Mother’s Day isn’t an Armenian celebration. It’s one of those American “Hallmark” events – buy Mom a pretty card, an…

11 months ago

October 1, 2023 UPDATE: The ARAM Sandwich celebrated its 50th Anniversary – and now there’s more news!

Hi Everyone, and especially those living in the Sacramento, CA area,I know I’m a bit late with this announcement, but…

1 year ago

Talking about Armenian Food with Comedian Mary Basmadjian, my (future) Best Friend

Talking about Armenian food with comedian Mary Basmadjian.

3 years ago

What is Kef and how did it get into our Kitchen?

What is kef? You might consider it a form of self-administered music therapy.

3 years ago

Meet Maral, an artist with an appetite.

She’s Armenian, loves food, and makes illustrations of food. Often Armenian food.

3 years ago

Armenia needs help and support more than ever

The war in Artsakh has ended badly for Armenians. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan signed an agreement that cedes territory to…

3 years ago

The assault on Artsakh is an assault on all Armenians

Food means far more than sustenance to every culture but the link between food and identity is especially strong for…

3 years ago

The Armenian Museum of Watertown, MA announces its Recipe-Sharing Project!

My husband and I started TheArmenianKitchen website in March 2009 with the sole purpose of preserving and sharing Armenian recipes.…

4 years ago

If the spice of life remains elusive, you might just have anosmia

A little over 10 years ago, a thunderous thump on the head severed the delicate tendrils connecting my olfactory nerve…

4 years ago

Sonia Tashjian celebrates the foods of Dikranagerd, helping preserve culture and memories

We’ve all experienced a rush of emotion while eating foods familiar from our childhood. For immigrants, especially those who escaped…

4 years ago

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