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Anahid Krichian’s Grill and Bistro – a gem in Paterson, NJ

Over the years, I’ve heard many stories about the delicious
food Anahid Krichian catered to Armenian functions in north Jersey. Not only
does Anahid cater, she has a very popular restaurant as well.

My sister would tell me how she and her husband Ara would
meet our cousin Vivian and her husband John at Anahid’s Grill and Bistro Paterson, NJ for a relaxing and satisfying Armenian meal – and they’d bring their
own bottle of wine – a practice that’s unheard of in our south Florida establishments.

As Doug and I were preparing for our trip to the northeast,
Dawn arranged a luncheon date for the four us at Anahid’s along with friends
Rose and John Kardashian (no relation to Kim). Upon entering the restaurant, we
bumped into a table of long-time friends from St. Leon Armenian Church. It was
like old-home week!

Some of the appetizers at Anahid’s – manti with yogurt for dipping, and the remaining cheese boreg

The main event was meeting Anahid in the flesh, and dining
on her wonderfully comforting food. The six of us shared an assortment of
mezzes – babaganoush, Armenian shepherd’s salad with a tangy lemon dressing,
cheese boregs, and manti with a yogurt dip. 

The filet mignon kebab platter.

Five of us ordered the filet mignon
kebab and ‘wheat-lentil’ side dish – aka
mujudara (spelling varies!). Doug had the chicken kebab.
Everything was spot-on.

Did we save room for dessert? You bet!

The ice cream dessert Doug and I shared – yum!
One third portion of Anahid’s kadaif dessert!

Most shared the
generous kadaif dessert, while Doug and I shared the creamy ice cream topped
with ground pistachio nuts and rose jam – delicious! Armenian coffee topped-off
the meal.

When we said our good-byes and thanks to Anahid, Dawn, Ara
and I continued on to nearby Nouri’s Middle Eastern store to stock-up. Doug
went home with the Kardashians because John promised to drive him back to my
sister’s house in his CORVETTE. Boys will be boys!

If time and scheduling allows, we’ll most-certainly re-visit
Anahid’s before heading back home.

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