A Successful Ghapama Day at St. David Armenian Church, Boca Raton, FL!

After much hard work and anticipation, Yeretsgin Anna and her team of devoted Armenian School-Sunday School mothers, put together a most enjoyable array of refreshments for the parishioners of St. David Armenian Church on Sunday, October 26th

Ghapama prepared by Yeretsgin Anna

Yeretsgin Anna (back row, right) with the students from St. David Armenian Church Armenian-Sunday School

The women prepared Ghapama and Jingalov Hats as part of a
Cultural Day program for the children who attend Armenian language and religion
classes in the church’s Manoogian School. The students,
dressed in Halloween costumes, participated by helping fill the hollowed
pumpkins with a mixture of rice, nuts, and assorted dried fruit.


 Students help fill the hollow pumpkins before baking.

Honey was
drizzled into the rice filling, and melted butter was ladled over the top of
each pumpkin before baking.

Yeretsgin Anna puts the finishing touch on the ghapama before baking.

Jingalov Hats

Father Paren and Yeretsgin Anna serve parishioners Ghapama and Jingalov Hats

The result was a delicious taste of Armenia enjoyed by all!

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