A request for Makdous – Preserved Stuffed Baby Eggplant

Sarah Barooshian Parisi asked The Armenian
for a very special, although not quite Armenian, recipe:

“Dear Armenian friend, I live in upstate New York and
cook half as well as my grandmother, Shamiram Basmadjian Barooshian.  She taught me great things, though, and I
make excellent Tourshi, Basterma, Choereg, Sojouk, Dolma, Lule Kebabs and many
other wonderful delights. We have limited access to Armenian or Middle Eastern
foods, so when I go to visit my family in the Watertown, MA area, I always go
to the Armenian grocery stores.  Arax’s
Market makes their own Makdous, more of a Syrian treat.  I wonder if you can drum up a good recipe for
it.  I’ve tried making it but it doesn’t
have the tangy flavor of Arax’s and of course they won’t share the recipe.  I’m 400 miles away – what can I do?  Please let me know if you have any
success.  Thank you so much.”
Bethany Kehdy’s Makdous from www.dirtykitchensecrets.com

Funny she should ask … Doug and I recently stopped for lunch at a
little Greek-Middle Eastern eatery in a nearby strip plaza. (Sometimes the best
food is found in these tucked-away places.) Lo-and-behold, what did I see in
their refrigerated display case? Makdous! I spoke with the owner regarding its preparation,
and all he would tell me was that, “it’s a lengthy process”. 

So, I did a
‘Google’ search and came up with a few recipe options to send Sarah. 
The makdous preparation which really caught my eye came
from Bethany Kehdy at Dirty Kitchen Secrets, a Lebanese food blog. Bethany
kindly permitted me to link to her recipe and website for all of you to enjoy.
Click here to see Bethany’s step-by-step directions for making makdous – and so much more.

: If you’ll recall, I don’t cook with eggplant or walnuts
at home due to Doug’s allergies, so Bethany’s recipe has not been tested
in The Armenian Kitchen. However, I can tell  just by looking at the the photo that her recipe is a winner!
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  1. Ara June 27, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    Aline Kamakian's cookbook, "Armenian Cuisine", also has a recipe.

    1. Robyn July 9, 2013 at 8:32 pm

      How right you are, Ara. Aline's recipe is listed as 'Stuffed Aubergine in Olive Oil', or 'Engouizov Sempough'.


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