Armenians Love Brandy, Especially Dads

Armenians love brandy and it makes a great gift for dad for Father's Day or any day.

3 years ago

Tahn, an Armenian summer yogurt drink

It's getting hot and summer drink recipes have been on my mind. My go-to is tahn, an easy-to-make Armenian yogurt…

3 years ago

A Special Guest Post: A New Holiday, or any-time-of-year, Cocktail: The Armenian Manhattan!

Ron’s ‘Armenian Manhattan’ My name is Ron, I’m the son-in-law of the authors of this blog. My other qualifications for…

5 years ago

Some Traditional Armenian recipes to serve in celebration of the New Year and Armenian Christmas!

Just when you thought the excessive, festive eating and drinking was behind you, a new year (and a new decade)…

5 years ago

How to make an Adult’s-Only Milkshake

If asked what milkshakes are made from, you'd undoubtedly answer milk, ice cream and syrup – and that would be correct.…

5 years ago

Introducing NEW Armenian coffee company – SARA Coffee Company

Sos Nazaryan reached out to The Armenian Kitchen to announce his family’s new Los Angeles-based Armenian coffee company - SARA.…

5 years ago

What makes coffee Armenian? We do, just by drinking it.

Our YouTube video showing How to Make Armenian Coffee is approaching 50,000 views, and the comments keep coming (watch the…

7 years ago

Need little help feeling that warm holiday glow? Here are a couple of suggestions with an Armenian twist

"Pizzazz!" Do you celebrate Christmas indoors or out? That may seem like a silly question to those of you sipping…

9 years ago

The buzz is all about sour cherries — and it’s one heck of buzz!

A highlight of our weekend in Naples, Florida last month was the sour-cherry martini I drank at a Persian restaurant.…

10 years ago

Garden-Fresh Recipes from Maro Nalabandian

My newly discovered cousin, Maro Nalabandian, was the guest chef at the University of Maryland’s Master Garden “Grow It; Eat It”…

11 years ago

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