Desserts & Sweets

Apricot Logs – a Holiday Favorite!

This recipe first appeared on The Armenian Kitchen website in December, 2015. It's been one of our favorites ever since.…

5 months ago

Dried White Mulberry Granola – Armenian style!

Here is my recipe for … Dried White Mulberry Granola – Armenian style. Not many people are familiar with dried…

1 year ago

St. Sarkis Day – a Celebration with Recipes – and a brief video

St. Sarkis Day (2022) falls on Saturday, February 12th. To provide you with some background related to this occasion, the…

1 year ago

Kahke, an Armenian Christmas Cookie Recipe

One of our family's favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

1 year ago

Cranberry-Orange-Pecan Muffins

Although I haven’t lived in New Jersey for decades, in my heart, I’ll always be a 'Jersey Girl' because that’s…

2 years ago

Roasted Grapes with Yogurt and Whipped Cream

Grapes grown in Armenia are known for their special sweetness. We’ve never eaten grapes from Armenia, but all grapes taste…

2 years ago

Gatnabour (Rice Pudding) with Peaches and Pistachios

A recipe for rich, creamy rice pudding enhanced with sweet, fresh diced peaches and crunchy pistachio nuts.

2 years ago

Armenian Apricot Pie for Mother’s Day

An Armenian apricot pie recipe perfect for Mother's Day – a sweet-tart jammy filling in a flaky, buttery crust.

2 years ago

Kadayif Two Ways – Cream Kadayif and Kadayif with Cheese

Kadayif (kadaif, knafe) is finely shredded phyllo dough used in many popular Middle Eastern desserts. In this case, it is…

2 years ago

Chef Nathan Kibarian’s Gata Pastry Recipe

Chef Nathan Kibarian's recipe for Armenian Gata, an elaborately decorated sweet, rich pastry filled with a mixture of flour, butter,…

2 years ago

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