Lucine Kasbarian

“Dzvov Lobi” or Havgitov Lupia, Green Bean and Egg recipe from Lucine Kasbarian

The recipe for Green Beans and Eggs (Dzvov Lobi or Havgitov Lupia), was sent to me by Lucine Kasbarian who first sampled…

4 years ago

With Kalajian family wedding right around the corner, it’s time for us to serve Harsness Abour (Bride’s Soup)!

Lucine Kasbarian was scrolling through the recipe lists on The Armenian Kitchen website to see if there was a recipe…

8 years ago

C.K. Garabed shares some of his Dikranagerdtsi recipes

Some of you might know of C.K.Garabed through his column in the Armenian Weekly, 'from Uncle Garabed's Notebook'. Others know…

11 years ago

Lucine Kasbarian’s Swiss Chard Lentil Soup

My friend, Lucine Kasbarian (author, writer, and illustrator), sent me her recipe for Swiss chard lentil soup. She asked me…

12 years ago

The Greedy Sparrow

We're excited to share the news about a new book by our gifted correspondent and friend, Lucine Kasbarian. It's called…

13 years ago

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