Anthony Bourdain

Ghapama – Stuffed, baked Pumpkin, Kef-style with song

I started writing a ghapama blog item several months ago, but ended up putting the story on the back burner…

3 years ago

Khash: Hangover Cure?

‘A Brief History of Khash, Armenia’s Love-It-or-Hate-It Hangover Cure’ a story by Benjamin Kemper, and ‘Khash’, a recipe by Samvel…

4 years ago

What do Anthony Bourdain and The Armenian Kitchen have in common? Read on!

The Armenian community is all a-buzz with the knowledge that Chef Anthony Bourdain’s next 'Parts Unknown', which airs on Sunday,…

6 years ago

Did you see this? Anthony Bourdain on Armenian food

  Butter-basted Baby Sparrow Somehow, this got past me. I thought I saw the episode of Anthony Bourdain's Travel Channel…

13 years ago

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