Anoushabour -The Official Armenian Christmas Pudding!

In order to help you prepare for Armenian Christmas on January 6th, I want to remind you all to make Anoushabour (literal…

11 years ago

A Traditional Recipe for Armenian Christmas Eve – Nevik

It never hurts to re-post a timely recipe, so in case you missed Ara Kassabian’s recipe for Swiss Chard with…

12 years ago

Nevik Soup? Why not?

How many of you made Nevik for Armenian Christmas Eve this year? In keeping with the season, I went to…

13 years ago

Swiss Chard with Chick Peas (Neeveeg, Nevik)

Ara Kassabian from Los Angeles sent me a recipe he makes with farm-fresh Swiss chard and chick peas. It sounded delicious-…

14 years ago

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