St. Sarkis Day – Armenia’s version of St. Valentine’s Day

St. Sarkis Day is this Saturday, January 27! 
Not familiar with this celebration? It’s Valentine’s Day –Armenia style.

Click here to read all about St. Sarkis, the warrior, and a special tradition young adults in Armenia follow to find that someone special.   

Please take time to watch this sweet, 7- minute, made-in-Armenia film, ‘Paper Valentine or Happy St. Sargis Day’, depicting their St. Sarkis (Valentine) tradition.
Some traditional recipes prepared to mark this special occasion are Sonia Tashjian’s Kumba Cake, Aghablit – Salty Wafers, and St. Sarkis Halva.  

Salty wafers aside, Kumba cake and St. Sarkis Halva will make this day especially sweet!

Sonia Tashjian’s Kumba Cake
The Armenian Kitchen’s Aghablit – or – Salty Wafers
Mrs. Sahakian’s St. Sarkis Halva


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