Sonia Tashjian’s QEMENE BRTUJ – Kololak with Potato – a Lenten Recipe

Just in time for Lent, Sonia Tashjian sent me several
recipes which I will post from time to time, so please keep checking back.

The first is her recipe for QEMENE BRTUJ – Kololak (or
kufteh) with Potato.

As Sonia explains, “This kololak recipe is specific for
Musa Ler’s (Musa Dagh) traditional cuisine. They call it “brtuj” which means a bite or a
chunk.  It is a very simple, everyday
food – and- it is very suitable for Lent.”

Sonia continued by saying, “In various Armenian regions, there are several words referring to ‘KUFTEH’, or the shape of the
food: klor=kleyor(Zeytun); klulik = klur (Musa Ler); klorchik (Mush); kleo’r
(Kessab), etc.”

I present …
Photo courtesy of Sonia Tashjian

Sonia Tashjian’s QEMENE BRTUJ – Kololak with Potato

 2 medium potatoes
 1 cup fine (#1) bulghur
 1 medium onion,
finely chopped
 2 medium tomatoes,
finely chopped
 1 medium red bell pepper,
finely chopped
 ½ cup parsley,
finely chopped
 2 to 3 Tbsp. oil
 cumin, pepper, salt
to taste


 -Cook & mash the
potatoes; combine the bulghur & knead while the potato is hot; wet your
hands, if needed.

 NOTE: If you
desire, you can fry the onion before adding it to the next step. Some people also
use chopped green onions (scallions).

  -When the bulghur
is already softened, add the finely chopped vegetables, seasonings, and oil. Continue
to knead, then shape them with your palm to resemble small sausages.

wintertime, instead of fresh tomato & pepper, tomato paste and red pepper
paste are used.

 -Serve with pickled
vegetables (tourshi), radish & cabbage salad. Tahn is also delicious with
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