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Who cleans up The Kitchen? We do, and we hope you like what you see

You might notice a few enhancements in our page layout — or you might not. They’re subtle but worth a look.

First, we added a Google translation widget below the last post. Just select your language of choice and the entire blog is magically transformed.

We’re guessing at least a few of you will enjoy the Armenian version. Of course, it’s not a perfect translation — but it’s pretty impressive for a robot.

Next, our recipe list (to your right) was getting a bit long, so we shortened it up by turning it into a scrollable list. We’ve started a second alphabetized recipe list as well. While we were in scroll mode, we did the same to the video list.

We also tidied things up a bit by moving two standing features to tabs across the top of the page: The Armenian Pantry, which includes our suggestions for keeping your own kitchen well stocked, plus a guide to converting American measures into others that may be more familiar to readers in other parts of the world.

Just click on a tab to make the feature appear, and then click on the Home tab to get back to the main page.

We’ll keep tinkering as we try to make everything here easier to find and to read. It takes us a while to make even small improvements, however, as we’re not exactly Web gurus.

All suggestions happily considered, especially if you can give us a hint about how to proceed.

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