Welcome to our (In-Progress) Updated Website!

The Armenian Kitchen originally launched in March, 2009 and has reached a global audience Doug and I never could have imagined.

With this refresh, we are proud to introduce the next generation to our team, our daughter Mandy. With her background in art, and food and beverage marketing, she has already made a substantial contribution to the appearance and functionality of the website.

Our updated logo was a mother-daughter collaboration: I had the ‘difficult’ task of hand-writing the name while Mandy used her artisic talent to illustrate the pomegranate. Our new tagline states: ‘Cook, Eat, Kef!’ There’s no mystery to the meanings of ‘Cook’ and ‘Eat’, but for those who might not know, ‘Kef’ means … Party! Armenians love to sing and dance – and – to cook and eat. Sometimes we do it all at the same time, making the food taste so much better.

Searching for recipes will be easier – and – recipe cards within the posts can be printed or pinned. In addition, you’ll be able to scale recipe amounts – plus – so much more!

Let us know what you think!

P.S. You may notice that some posts look better than others. This is because we have amassed hundreds of recipes and more than 1,000 posts over the years and we are manually updating the posts one by one. So far we have only completed 50! Yes, it is as tedious as it sounds, but no complaints, it’s a labor of love and we thank you for your patience!

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