Two Soup Recipes from Sonia Tashjian – Ttejrik and Porani

Much to my delight, Sonia Tashjian has translated some of her
recipes from Armenian into English so that they would appeal to The Armenian
readers who, like me, cannot read Armenian.
I humbly thank Sonia for her willingness to share her culinary
expertise and knowledge with us!

Ttejrik – Sour Water
On these snowy days, we like to eat soups, so I’m
suggesting to prepare TTEJRIK,  from Musa Dagian cuisine. “Ttejrik” means “sour water”. There are similar soups in our
traditional cuisine; they are usually prepared on lent period, & especially
on Maundy Thursday, for the memory of Jesus’ passion. But this soup is from
Musa Dagh region & a daily one. 

To prepare the balls – combine equal amount
of fine bulghur & flour (if you desire combine meat & bulghur); knead
with some water & spices; prepare small balls; fry with ghee or oil. Cook
the lentil, add chopped onion, potato & continue to cook; then(add) a bunch of
chopped chard, tomato paste, the balls & spices (cumin, black & red
pepper, salt); before serving mix crushed garlic & lemon juice.
Porani – a yogurt-based soup

The story of PORANI sounds like a legend. The king of
Persian Sanasarian Khosrov (6-th C.) hadn’t a son to inherit his throne; his
daughter, whose name is Porantukht, followed him. She liked matsun (yoghurt)
very much; In her honor, the foods with matsun were called porani. In fact there
are different kinds of PORANI’s in the whole region. (Iran, Irak, Armenia,
Georgia, etc…) The similarity is the using of matsun in it. In the Armenian
traditional cuisine I have found & tried approx. 13-15 versions, some of
them are with meat, others are with grains & the others with vegetables. 

Persian-Armenian variety of borani is a soup. – boil 1 liter of yoghurt with an
egg & 1 tablespoon of flour. – chop & cook 3 beets. – chop then finely
fry 1 onion, 1 green garlic & 1 bunch of chard. – combine all, season
with salt & black pepper; add some water & continue to cook 10-15
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