Green Beans and Zucchini (Fassoulia yev Tutum)

Fassoulia literally means ‘bean’ – white, red, green –you get the idea. My husband and I have posted a few…

2 years ago

Zucchini Recipe, Fassoulia-style

Based on a classic Armenian recipe, fassoulia, this variation uses zucchini instead of string beans and ground turkey instead of…

3 years ago

Grilled Zucchini with Kalamata vinaigrette

Our local South Florida farmer's markets are currently featuring homegrown produce - zucchini, green beans, Swiss chard, tomatoes to name…

11 years ago

Zucchini with Rice

Zucchini with Rice, Pine Nuts & Currants When I made cod with spinach the other day, I ended up with…

13 years ago

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