Armenian pastry

Chef Nathan Kibarian’s Gata Pastry Recipe

Chef Nathan Kibarian's recipe for Armenian Gata, an elaborately decorated sweet, rich pastry filled with a mixture of flour, butter,…

3 years ago

“Haskanoush” : A traditional Armenian walnut – filled pastry

"Haskanoush" is more than a pastry; it's a traditional special-occasion treat passed down from one generation to another. Maro Nalabandian's…

9 years ago

A Request for Katah (Gata) with Particular Filling

Paradise Bakery, California I know there are those of you who love a good katah (gata); I’ve posted stories and…

13 years ago

Cheese Kadaif

Christmas is a time filled with holiday cheer - and- holiday desserts. Cookies are bountiful, but I’m on cookie-overload after…

14 years ago

Boorma: Paklava’s deliciously delicate cousin (Be sure to check out the VIDEO!)

If you like paklava, you’ll LOVE boorma. Boorma, also spelled ‘bourma’, is made from the same ingredients as paklava, but…

15 years ago

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