Rock Candy – Can it Heal One’s Soul?

After posting a special request asking about a type of candy
that was handed out at funerals, I received suggestions from two readers:

#1: JH suggested it could possibly be locum, which, after
dusting it with powdered sugar is white.
#2. My cousin Craig Simonian wrote, “You’re talking about
Nabat Shakar, which simply means Sweet Candy.”  In other words, rock candy. 
Rock Candy

According to the
link Craig included, rock candy is described thusly: ‘Persian Rock Candy is
used for various purposes and is believed to have a variety of healing
It is available in a long crystal form or in smaller pieces.’

I mentioned the rock candy suggestion to JH who replied, “I
thought of rock candy too but the milky description threw me. My Grandmother
did make that but I thought it was more clear than white – unless they added
something so that the color clouded a bit.”

Because I can clearly recall being given rock candy as a
child in my grandparents’ home, I’m leaning toward that suggestion. Mind you, I
don’t recall it being served in times of sadness, it just gave us sweet

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