Our Pot-luck Feast!

It’s time for us to leave hot, steamy Florida, for cooler
surroundings in the Catskill Mountains.

In order to prepare for our get-away, we started consuming
frozen and refrigerated foods, and pantry items weeks ago. Down to our last must-eat
morsels, we invited friends to share our pot-luck feast.
Muhammara (left) and easy Midia Dolma (right)

Frozen mussels were transformed into midia dolma, finishing
up the rice, pine nuts and currants.
The last ½ cup of commercially prepared red pepper paste
turned out a nice bowl of muhammara. (Yes, you can make muhammara with
red pepper paste!)

Our pot-luck feast! Clock-wise from top-right: phyllo-cheese spiral, fassoulia with ground meat, bulgur pilaf, and salad.

The frozen lamb broth, green beans, and ground meat, became
a tasty fassoulia main dish accompanied with bulgur pilaf.

And because I had one in the freezer, I popped a 5- cheese phyllo spiral from Trader Joe’s into the oven to serve along with the main course. A salad, dressed
with olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lime, rounded out the meal.

Our guests brought champagne to toast our families, and long-time
friendship, and homemade lemon bars to top-off a perfectly lovely evening.

worry; we’ll resume posting when settle into our ‘mountain kitchen’. Until
then, stay cool!
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  1. Belmar Armenian September 6, 2017 at 2:33 am

    Hi robyn I was just doing some research on my Dikranageed culture and cam across your bulgar recipie and wanted to say hi and wish you well ! I am glad you are still running this page ; as I get older I get homesick for some of the old times and good food . I was even watching a YouTube of dancing and music and remembered the fun at the bazaars in union city . Miss those times . My brothers and I are the end of this culture off for our branch of the Dabagian tribe . My kids and hubby aren't interested . Again. I am so glad u are still posting !
    Love joyce from Belmar


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