Getting ready for Easter

Easter -or anytime – Chorag!

Are you ready yet? What are you waiting for? Easter is almost here!
Did you order the leg of American lamb? Gather the onions skins for dying the eggs? Bake the chorag? Buy the ingredients for those “special” recipes?

We’ll try to assist you by offering this menu:
Note: The star (*) next to each menu item indicates the recipe can be found by clicking on the recipe’s name in our recipe link.
Start the day with:
Warm chorag*, served with Armenian string cheese, olives, juice, coffee, and, of course, the Easter eggs*.
For dinner, may we suggest:
Cheese boregs*
Hummus* or Muhamarra*
Homemade sesame crackers* (or store-bought ak-mak crackers)
Roast leg of lamb*
Bulgur or rice pilaf*
Vegetable Stew – Tourlou*
Armenian chopped salad
Apricot pie*
Easter chocolates
Assorted  fresh fruit
Armenian coffee*

You can, of course make whatever you like, but in our home, it just wouldn’t be Easter if we served anything else.
Ah, traditions……….!

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