Mango Season is Here (in Florida, that is!)

I know mangoes are not an Armenian fruit, but here in Florida, they are in season, abundant, and very inexpensive. In order to celebrate mango season, I have a story to share.

Mangoes from Bonnie’s garden (Courtesy of
About 20 years ago, my friend Bonnie Gross, former food
editor of the Sun Sentinel newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, asked me to participate
in a recipe-testing project.

Bonnie provided the mangoes from her garden and an
expense account from the newspaper so I could adapt and test about a dozen
recipes for a fund-raising project which unfortunately never materialized. What
did come from this effort was a bunch of really wonderful recipes that she and
I have been using ever since.

I must say though, Bonnie is the queen of mango
recipes! It also helps that she has mango trees that produce more fruit than one family could possibly consume.

Some of the tested mango recipes appeared in a recent post on Florida Rambler website, an extremely
popular site created by Bonnie and a colleague of hers. If you’re interested
in traveling in Florida, this site is one you must visit!
Lamb and Mango Stew

The only other mango recipe posted on The Armenian Kitchen is Lamb and Mango Stew, a Flormenian (Florida- Armenian) recipe. (See photo on right.)

Today’s feature:
Robyn’s Mango Barbecue Sauce as mentioned in

Fire up your grills and enjoy!
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