Lenten Recipe Guide

To help get you through the next few weeks of Lent, I’m re-posting an item we did which reveals some Armenian Church Lenten guidelines and recipe options.

Grape Leaves stuffed with Rice


  • The Western Church’s less strict Lenten practice excludes
    meat from the diet. The stricter Lenten diet of the Eastern Church excludes
    meat, fish, poultry, dairy, dairy products or eggs.
  • To make some of our recipes into a Lenten
    version, substitute water or vegetable broth for any beef, lamb or chicken
    broth mentioned.
  • You’ll
    notice that breads and desserts have been omitted from the menu list,
    but if you’re interested in either of these, just look for recipes which
    use oil or margarine in place of butter.  

Since this was originally posted, we have added a number of Lent-friendly recipes to our list. Feel free to scroll through our 2 sections of Armenian recipes in the right-hand column of this page where you will be led to the story and appropriate recipe. Refer to the points listed above to help determine the recipe’s suitability for Lent.

Below are menu options from our original collection of recipes to help you. 

For those of you
following the Western Church’s meatless diet, I’ve placed a “W” next
to the recipe’s name in the list below. If you are leaning toward the stricter,
Eastern Church Lenten diet, you’ll find an “E”, next to the recipe’s
name. Those are suitable for anyone to eat.

Use the following as a basic guide to “Mix-n-Match” your
Lenten menu

Appetizers: Hummus (E), Muhammara (E), Stuffed grape leaves
(E), Cheese or spinach boregs (W), Dill cheese (W), Cilantro – Tahini Dip (W)

Salads: Armenian chick pea salad (E), Armenian potato-egg
salad (W), Armenian potato salad (E), Armenian salad (E), Cardamom fruit salad

Side Dishes: Tabbouleh (E), Plaki (E), Fassoulia (green
beans) without meat (E), Jajik (W), Bulgur or rice pilaf (E), Zucchini and eggs

Soup: Cabbage soup (E), Lentil soup (E)

Entrees: Eggplant – zucchini bake (E), Mujadarra (E),
Parsley, onions and eggs (W), Tomatoes and eggs (W), Plaki with Fish (W)

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