Cherries- Sweet or Sour, the flavors are delicious!

I love cherries- sweet or sour. When I was growing up in NJ, my grandparents had a cherry tree in their back yard, along with a peach tree, grape arbor, and vegetable patch. It wasn’t quite the Garden of Eden, but to me, it came close. The only problem I can recall eating fruit just picked from the tree, was the occasional worm that slithered out with that first bite. It’s no wonder I continue to cut my fruit with a knife before eating!

Fresh, plump, sweet cherries

Regardless, cherries are delicious, nutritious, but have
a fairly short growing season. In North America, early summertime is the best
time to get fresh cherries, so enjoy them while you can. Just so you know – sour
cherries, also known as ‘pie’ cherries, are more perishable than the sweet variety,
so use them quickly.

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In addition to tasting great, cherries are an excellent
source of antioxidants, and may help relieve insomnia, joint pain, and help
reduce belly fat. Can’t beat that!!

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