shish kebab

Easter Menu Planning? Look no further!

  I don’t know about you, but in our family, we’re all about tradition when it comes to Easter. Here’s…

4 months ago

What is Kef and how did it get into our Kitchen?

What is kef? You might consider it a form of self-administered music therapy.

3 years ago

Khorovats – the Armenian Barbecue

What exactly is Khorovats?  According to Irina Petrosian, author of “Armenian Food – Fact, Fiction, and Folklore”, ‘khorovats is an…

6 years ago

There’s nothing ratty about letting the world know you’re Armenian

Some people don’t believe in coincidences. I don’t believe in Armenian coincidences. We’re all connected, especially on the Internet. I…

8 years ago

A Shish Kebab Machine Wedding Gift and Recipe

Robyn’s parents, Mary and Andy Dabbakian, flew down for a visit soon after we moved to Florida in 1978. We…

8 years ago

Doug’s Easy ‘Kebab’ Recipe

Mandy and Charlie Doug and I just enjoyed a rare and treasured week-long visit with our daughter, Mandy (and her…

9 years ago

Our Shish Kebab (Khorovatz) recipe and video is big hit on YouTube

I got a jolt the other day when I turned on my computer. Luckily, it was good jolt: YouTube sent…

9 years ago

A visit with the spirit of Christmas past

Dinner with family is always important, but it takes on special meaning during this time of year. Barbara, Robyn and…

12 years ago

Gift Idea- Hand-Crafted Skewers

It’s never too early to think about Christmas gift ideas, and the internet has made shopping a wonderful convenience for…

12 years ago

The best lamb video you’ll never see

When the American Lamb Board invited to enter its annual grilling contest, we immediately started sharpening our "shishes." Is…

15 years ago

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