Phyllo dough

Spinach Pie

Spinach pie, or Spanakopita, is, as you know, a deliciously Greek recipe. The combination of cheeses and herbs provides a…

2 years ago

Armenian Meat ‘Burritos’ – or – Whole Wheat Fillo Dough Stuffed with Spiced Meat (Kufteh) Filling

When I discovered that our local Whole Foods market carries The Fillo Factory brand of organic whole wheat fillo (phyllo)…

9 years ago

Borag, bereg, boreg, boereg … they all spell delicious!

No matter the dish, the pronunciation - as well as the recipe - will vary depending on the chef’s regional…

15 years ago

Phyllo or Fillo? Either way, it’s jolly good!

It doesn’t matter which way you spell it, but please: Pronounce it "fee-low." "Phyllo" means leaf in Greek. In culinary…

15 years ago

Mini Paklava

Armenian recipe preparations tend to be time consuming. Never wanting to spend any more time in the kitchen than necessary,…

15 years ago

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