Manti – My Christmas Gift to my Daughter

Doug and I are thrilled that our daughter, Mandy, and son-in-law, Ron will be spending Christmas with us. When I…

3 years ago

Manti – A recipe from Chef Justin Aprhamian

My local grocer carries a brand of ground lamb I hadn’t seen before … Strauss American Lamb.  As soon as…

8 years ago

MANTI – deconstructed

I LOVE Manti, but as you might recall, my first attempt at making it with wonton wrappers as a shortcut,…

9 years ago

Macaroni with Fried Meat

A simple, yet direct, request was sent to me by reader, Pam: “Please send recipe for Armenian macaroni with meat,…

10 years ago

A Mysterious Kitchen Tool to Some, But Not to Me!

Every once in a while I scan certain blogs just to see what’s new in the world of food. When…

11 years ago

The Failed Manti

Every summer Doug and I make a point of cooking as much of our frozen foods as possible. In the…

12 years ago

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