Armenian dessert

Kahke, an Armenian Christmas Cookie Recipe

One of our family's favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

2 years ago

Kadayif Two Ways – Cream Kadayif and Kadayif with Cheese

Kadayif (kadaif, knafe) is finely shredded phyllo dough used in many popular Middle Eastern desserts. In this case, it is…

3 years ago

Pumpkin Kadayif by Chris Coyle

How ironic is it that my oven is out of commission?  A food blogger, with a 3-year-old oven that doesn’t…

8 years ago

Armenian Walnut Cake for Mother’s Day

Here’s a quick and easy recipe that I posted many years ago.It is one of my mother-in-law's go-to recipes that…

10 years ago

Stewed fruit: A traditional Armenian treat

Our recent post about sour cherries drew a comment from our frequent contributor Ara, who noted that he’d made his…

10 years ago

Looking for “Merchana Boon” or “Ant Hill”

Struffoli, from I am remiss in posting this request which was sent to me a few months ago. Somehow,…

12 years ago

If it’s an egg, does that mean it’s breakfast?

Except for her delicious parsley-and-onion eggs, my mother usually favored a plain omelet. Nothing but beaten eggs cooked in butter until…

14 years ago

Fresh Yogurt and Honey -sweet, creamy and cool: What more is there?

Robyn's post the other day about the delights of yogurt in summer brought to mind another simple favorite -- madzoon with…

14 years ago

Cheese Kadaif

Christmas is a time filled with holiday cheer - and- holiday desserts. Cookies are bountiful, but I’m on cookie-overload after…

14 years ago

The truth about pine nuts and recipe for Farina Halva

Pignoli, pignolia, piñon, Indian nut. Whatever you call them, pine nuts are delicious! Pine nuts are seeds from cones of…

15 years ago

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