Alice Vartanian

Armenian Pilaf with Raisins and Almonds

What would any holiday be without serving traditional pilaf? Christine Vartanian Datian learned from the best - her mother Alice…

4 years ago

Persimmon Walnut Raisin Cookies by Mrs. Alice Vartanian

I must admit that I’ve never eaten a persimmon. As I’d walk to class at Chico State (CA) back in…

6 years ago

Beef and Bean Enchiladas – A recipe from Alice Vartanian

Christine Datian has been a long-time recipe contributor to The Armenian Kitchen, the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, and numerous on-line publications. This time Christine’s…

8 years ago

Reader Feature: Alice Vartanian’s Easy Manhattan Clam Chowder

You’ve heard me mention Alice Vartanian before; she is Christine Vartanian - Datian’s mother, and I KNOW you recognize Christine’s name. This…

9 years ago

A Family That Loves to Cook: The Vartanian-Datian Story

Christine Vartanian Datian of Las Vegas, NV and her mother, Mrs. Alice Vartanian of Fresno, CA love to cook. In…

10 years ago

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