Pistachio Cardamom Ice Cream

If you’ve never been to the Catskill Mountains in upstate
NY, it’s definitely worth a trip. The scenery is gorgeous, the air is fresh,
and the water flows crystal clear.

Doug and I were fortunate to have been able to squeeze in
a few days in Windham, NY, a popular winter ski attraction, to spend time with our daughter Mandy,
her boyfriend, Ron, and Lucy, the beagle. The weather was gorgeous – sunny,
warm, with just a hint of cool in the air.

Windham is full of surprises … for a small American town,
it boasts a Greek diner, a Greek grocery store/luncheonette, and another
Greek/Italian eatery all within a stone’s throw of one another.

Mandy took us to the local Greek-owned store to pick up a
few treats for our stay. Among our purchases were tasty sesame cookies and a
container of Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom ice cream. Man-oh- man was that ice cream

The ice cream is locally produced in Kingston, NY at
Adirondack Creamery started by Paul Nasrami. The label reads: “The ice cream
was named after Kulfi, a delicious frozen dessert from India made from a blend
of spices, pistachios, and condensed milk. In India, it’s served after a hot,
spicy meal to cool the palate.”

Never mind a hot, spicy meal, just give me a bowl of that
to-die-for ice cream!

The Adirondack Creamery brand can only be found in
certain stores in a limited area of the northeast, sorry to say.

When we got back to Florida, I had an uncontrollable
craving for this stuff. Fortunately, I discovered a suitable substitute at our
local Publix supermarket – pistachio
frozen yogurt studded with
pistachio pieces. After sprinkling a little ground cardamom on it, I closed my
eyes, took a taste, and pretended I was eating the real McCoy. (It was pretty
good, actually.) Another plus – the Publix frozen yogurt has much less fat and
fewer calories than the Adirondack brand, and that’s a good thing! For an extra special touch, pour a little rose water on top.

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  1. Sue/the view from great island September 22, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    What a wonderful sounding ice cream flavor, I will have to try to recreate that sometime. I love the Catskills, we used to spend many weekends there when I was growing up.


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