A little rain (or even a lot) can’t keep us from getting fired up!

We just had to share this picture.

That rain-soaked blur is Bonnie Gross, a great friend of ours and of this blog. Bonnie, who teaches multimedia journalism at Florida Atlantic University, has been an invaluable help in boosting us into cyberspace.

Bonnie’s also an intrepid cook and former food editor of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper. Dinner with Bonnie and her husband, David Blasco, always means lively conversation and a memorable meal in a delightful setting: Their dining room offers an expansive view of Fort Lauderdale’s Middle River.

Usually, that is.

The view on our most recent visit was obscured by a driving rain that went on and on…and on. Welcome to summer in South Florida, when the nickname “Sunshine State” offers a lesson in ironic humor.

Here’s the thing about Bonnie: She had decided to grill dinner long before the rain started — and when Bonnie makes up her mind, that’s that. So the rest of us stayed dry, sipping cocktails in the living room, while Bonnie braved a slanting rain that showed no respect for her umbrella.

She nailed it, too, plating up salmon filets done to a perfect turn — an impressive feat in any weather.

There may be a lesson here in how to succeed through sheer determination. Or maybe not.

But there’s certainly something to be said for friends who don’t let a little thing like a torrential rain interfere with their hospitality.

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  1. Bonnie July 15, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    Gosh, Doug, if I'd thought there might be blog item in this, I would have put something remotely Armenian on the menu! Ever resourceful, though, you made an item out of it anyway. Congratulations.


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