Kalustyan’s, Food of Nations

I’m always searching for places to order specialty and hard-to-find ingredients.

When I found Kalustyan’s on-line, I was truly excited to discover an Armenian store in New York City with walls and walls of ingredients both common and exotic.

My husband & I were in NYC recently visiting our daughter, so a field trip to Kalustyan’s was a MUST!

We found it in a section of the city known as Curry Hill for its many Indian and Asian restaurants and shops — and in a sense, Kalustyan’s fits in perfectly because its offerings span the globe.

The first sensation on entering is the overwhelming perfume of spices from around the world. The second is claustrophobia: Walking down the jam-packed aisles is an exercise in Big City squeeze.

But it’s worth tucking in your tummy, if only to fill it up.

The shelves are stocked with herbs, spices, teas, canned goods. Coolers contain prepare foods, yogurt and cheese products, hummus, babaganoush, you name it! Did you know that tahini (sesame seed paste) comes in squeeze bottles? Kalustyan’s has it.

About the only thing missing, at least from the first floor, was an Armenian.

There hasn’t been a Kalustyan on premises for some time. The store, which opened in 1944, was purchased by Marhaba International, Inc., which kept the well-known “Kalustyan” name.

The friendly and helpful manager, Mr. Aziz Osmani, did greet us with a few words of Armenian when I presented my card and ushered us upstairs.

The second floor has cookware, copperware, earthenware – and Mr. Arpiar Afarian.

Mr. Afarian is the gentleman who makes the fresh salads, kuftas, and other Armenian treats. There are a few tables and chairs, so shoppers can make their selections, sit and enjoy.

Products can be ordered on-line, and items are shipped daily via UPS.

Kalustyan’s contact information is:
123 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-685-3451
Fax: 212-683-8458
e-mail: sales@kalustyans.com
Website: www.kalustyans.com

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    I have to stop reading this blog when I'm hungry.


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