HAPPY NEW YEAR! Start the New Year with Basturma and Eggs!

Question: How does one start
off the new year on the right foot?
Answer: With a hearty breakfast of
basturma and eggs, of course!

Basturma and Eggs
Basturma and Eggs
Serves 2
  • Start with good quality, lean, thinly sliced basturma.
    Cut the slices into small strips, and sauté lightly in a skillet with a wee-bit
    of olive oil.
  • Beat 4 eggs and pour them into the skillet right on top
    of the basturma. Scramble the eggs along with the basturma – no salt or pepper
    required as the basturma provides all of the necessary flavor.
  • Cook until eggs are set.
  • Serve with pita bread, lavash or Darehats.
We wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful 2013.
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