Father’s Day Ice Cream Surprise

This year poses a different scenario for Father’s Day. Undoubtedly there will be barbecues, weather-permitting, and other ways to show love and appreciation to one’s dad, while, hopefully, keeping a safe distance.

Our daughter and son-in-law are in upstate NY. Clearly, we won’t be seeing them on Father’s Day. So, how do they plan to celebrate Dad from a distance? With an ice cream delivery, of course! (I was in on this secret gift because I had to be on the look-out for its delivery at our end.)

You might be asking how this could be done without ice cream melting in transit. That was our concern, too and hoped we weren’t in for a messy ice cream disaster. 

Fortunately, the ice cream company (Jeni’s) packed it so well in a cooler with dry-ice, that it was still solid-as-a-rock frozen when it arrived.

Doug was surprised and delighted with this early gift – now his biggest decision is … which flavor to try first!

Happy Father’s Day to Dads everywhere!
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