Armenia needs help and support more than ever

The war in Artsakh has ended badly for Armenians.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan signed an agreement that cedes territory to Azerbaijan in exchange for the presence of Russian troops to enforce a ceasefire.

The agreement has a five-year term. Armenia will certainly be pressured to make more concessions before it expires. Meanwhile, it must resettle thousands of refugees while helping to rebuild what remains of the Republic of Artsakh.

Shock and anger in Armenia have touched off waves of protests and a political crisis that threatens to topple Pashinyan’s two-year-old reform government.

Whatever you think of the protests and politics, Armenia clearly needs help and support.

A contribution to any Armenian charitable or humanitarian organization, such as Armenia Fund, would be an important step.

I have a few other thoughts to share about this critical time for Armenia on my own blog. Please keep Armenia in your thoughts and prayers.

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