Another C.K. Garabed recipe featuring Chormis and Kavourma

While we’re on the subject of chormis and kavourma, here’s another one of
C.K. Garabed’s Dikranagerdtsi recipes, choulama – an omelet featuring those two distinctively
delicious meats.
(Photos courtesy of Lucine Kasbarian)

Choulama (omelet)  

8 tbs.
4 slices
chormis, diced
8 eggs,
4 tbs.
4 tbs.
Vegetable oil

Step #1: Chormis, left; kavourma, right

1. Mix kavourma
and chormis with eggs in a bowl.

2. Heat
vegetable oil in frying pan over flame.
Step #3
3. Ladle small
portions of mixture into frying pan.
4. Turn over
omelets to cook on both sides.
5. Place in dish
and pour drops of vinegar on omelets.

Choulama ready to serve!

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  1. Sonia April 24, 2013 at 5:12 am

    barev Robyn jan.
    I have tried CHOULAMA. it has very nice taste. But in my recipe(which I have taken from an old cook-book)it is prepared only with kavourma with it's ghee, & in the vinegar there is a tiny glove of garlic. It's very good combination of ingredients.

    in my family, my mother used to prepare an omelet like this, after the preparation of KLOUR, to clean the pan of the meat filling.
    also when the meat of TEJVEJIK has finished in the pan, but it's is still oily…
    I do remember the wonderful taste & odor of that omelets.


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