Charles Kasbarian

Kadin Boudi, Meat and Rice Croquette Recipe from Charles Kasbarian

Not long ago, I posted a recipe for Khatoon Boodhi from Araksi Dinkjian. In that same post I mentioned Charles…

4 years ago

Khatoon Boodhi – Rice and Meat Patties: A Recipe from Araksi Dinkjian

Doug and I know a thing or two Dikranagerdsi recipes, but when we saw Anahid Dinkjian’s post for a Dikranagerdsi…

4 years ago

Bamiayov Zahd (Okra Stew) – recipe from C.K. Garabed (aka Charles Kasbarian)

C.K. Garabed (Charles Kasbarian) Some of you might recognize the name C.K. Garabed from ‘The Armenian Weekly’ newspaper, as he…

5 years ago

Lamb-Stuffed Baked Eggplant

My parents served eggplant and lamb dishes often. Some recipes featured only eggplant; in others, lamb was the star. On…

7 years ago

C.K. Garabed shares some of his Dikranagerdtsi recipes

Some of you might know of C.K.Garabed through his column in the Armenian Weekly, 'from Uncle Garabed's Notebook'. Others know…

11 years ago

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