Ara Kassabian

‘Beans-leaf Soup’: Two suggested recipes, but is either one the real deal?

Whenever I receive a recipe request that leaves me baffled, I research my printed resources. When that fails, I ask…

8 years ago

Paklavash – Paklava made with whole wheat lavash instead of phyllo dough

When a food dilemma arises, I can count on Ara Kassabian to come to my rescue.  When I lamented about…

10 years ago

What’s the Armenian word for “Brown Rice”? Nobody seems to know exactly.

When I posted a recipe for ‘Lentil and Brown Rice Salad with Cumin Dressing’, a comment appeared asking for the…

10 years ago

Ara Kassabian’s Armenian Stuffing

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Are you ready? Armenian stuffing One of the many recipes I’ll be making…

15 years ago

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