Say it Again! is food for thought

Full disclosure from Doug: This post has nothing to do with food, Armenian or otherwise, although it is about something I cooked up.

My friend Leila Alson and I are celebrating the publication of a joint project that we’ve been planning for several years, a small book with big advice for people who want to sound as smart as they really are.

Say It Again! is a compact guide to correcting the most common pronunciation errors in American English. Leila is a masterful speech coach who created a very clever method of using common words and sounds to show anyone how to quickly and easily pronounce more challenging words.

It’s all very simple, but it’s not for dummies. It’s for successful people — and those who want to be successful — who make the sort of mistakes we all do because we can’t really hear ourselves speak as others do.

Say It Again! is short and easy to carry for quick reference. It’s also (we hope) fun and at least mildly amusing.

By the way, we’re also the publishers. Leila and I formed a new company along with my longtime friend and former Miami Herald colleague David Blasco, our editor and designer.

You can order Say it Again! from any book seller. If you like, you can use the handy form below on this blog. Or, click here to go to

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