Happy New Year!

So you think Santa’s soaking up the sun on South Beach these days just because Dec. 25th has passed?

Not as far as Armenians are concerned, and we ought to know: The original Hye Flying old timer is one of us, and this is his big day.

We call him Gaghant Baba and he’s been scribbling out that famous list of his since the Western Santa was just a subordinate Clause.

As you know, Armenians celebrate Christmas on Jan. 6th, but it’s a strictly religious holiday. New Year’s Day is the time for merriment, and New Year’s Eve is when the jolly old gift-giver makes his rounds.

Of course, if you want to get really technical, Armenian New Year was originally in August — but that’s just too brutal to even think about here in Florida.

We just hope you still believe in Gaghant Baba, because we sure do. We’ll be leaving out a tray of fresh-baked choreg for him before we go to bed tonight.

And I can promise you: It will all be gone by morning.

Happy New Year to all!

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