Brain Food: How to eat like a champ

Armenian chess champions are nothing new. Former world champions Tigran Petrosian and Garry Kasparov (Kasparyan) are prime examples.

Levon Aronian

Now another Armenian Grand Master is creating an international senstation: Levon Aronian has been crowned world’s “rapid chess” champ at a tournament in Mainz, Germany.

We’re not quite chess experts here at The Armenian Kitchen — OK, the truth is we can barely follow the game — but Aronian’s victory sure sounds impressive as he emerged from the top-level competition undefeated.
So what does this have to do with food?

In reporting on the tournament, the Web site also noted the menu at dinner on the first day of the three-day competition: sliced balik salmon with caviar, followed by lamb with lavender jus and cabbage quiche. Dessert was strawberry salsa with white chocolate mousse.

No rice pilaf?

It would have been a nice touch, but Aronian’s opponents were clearly doomed by the main course. Feeding an Armenian lamb in the middle of a battle of the brains is almost an unfair advantage. (Although, we could pass up the “lavender jus.”)

Congratulations, Levon!

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