Baghaj, Bagharj, Pagharch, Nazook, Katah – are they different or one in the same?

According to Irina Petrosian, author of “Armenian Food: Fact, Fiction and Folklore” bagharj is defined as an 'unleavened flatbread made…

3 years ago

Special Recipes related to Mid – Lent (Michink)

This coming Wednesday, March 11th marks the half-way point of our Lenten season - the 24th day of Lent, occurring on…

9 years ago

Pagharch, bagharj, baghaj, nazook, katah (gata) – are they the same? Please help us decide!

According to Irina Petrosian’s definition in her book “Armenian Food: Fact, Fiction and Folklore”, bagharj is an unleavened flatbread made…

11 years ago

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