Armenian lamb

Pan-seared lamb chops: great way to fire up the appetite without making a big fuss

We've fallen out of lamb-chop love in recent years for a couple of reasons. One is the fatty, chewy and…

11 years ago

Khavourma and Union City, New Jersey are perfect match!

After 30-plus years in Florida, we're used to feeling a little off-base when we get news of a fun event…

13 years ago

Hamburger or lamb burger? No contest!

Lule Kebab and Vegetables on the grill Sometimes meals just sort-of happen. I was in the supermarket the other day,…

15 years ago

Lamb, the Secret Ingredient: Kinz, and recipe for Tass Kebab

We grew up eating lamb - and loving it. My American friends who had eaten lamb, said they couldn’t stand…

15 years ago

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