Happy, Healthy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas!

The Christmas card depicted was created by Alik Arzoumanian. Isn’t it perfect? The card was shipped to us with Christmas gifts from our daughter and son-in-law, who selected the card from the artist’s shop on Etsy.

The cover reads: “Shnor Havor Nor Daree, yev Soorp Dzununt”, or in English, ‘Happy New Year and Holy Christmas’.

For those unfamiliar with the Armenian calendar, our Christmas is celebrated on January 6th, hence the New Year greeting appearing first.

To help ring in the New Year, try some of our traditional Armenian recipes specifically dedicated holiday. Dare Hats, Nevik and Anoush Abour.

The Armenian Kitchen family wishes everyone a Delicious, Healthy, Peaceful 2022!

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