It’s not too late to make these sweet treats for Christmas!

Christmastime conjures up images of tables filled with beautifully adorned cookies, candies and sweets. Over the years, The Armenian Kitchen…

6 years ago

3-Ingredient Khurabia (Armenian Shortbread Cookies)

Christmas and cookies go hand-in-hand. We’ve posted numerous cookie recipes in the past few years, but truly, you can’t have too many…

9 years ago

Christmas Cookie Round-up

If you haven’t already started baking for the holidays, you’d better get busy! Here are five of our favorite cookie…

10 years ago

Shakarshee – another Armenian Sugar Cookie!

June Hollisian, one of our Armenian Kitchen Facebook readers wrote: “My Grandmother made a cookie she called "shakarshee". Her recipe…

13 years ago

Kourabia Cookies – ala The Armenian Kitchen

After posting Sara Raymond’s family recipe for Kourabia, I thought it only fair to share my own recipe with you. The Armenian…

13 years ago

Koorabia – A Christmas Cookie Favorite

Reader Sara Raymond wrote recently when she noticed we didn’t have a Koorabia (Kourabia)  cookie recipe on our website. She noted…

13 years ago

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