In Loving Memory of Aunt Arpie Vartanesian

Our Aunt Arpie passed away at age 89 on June 29th, and we miss her terribly. The phrase "our aunt"…

8 years ago

It’s Christmas Baking Time!

Kahke Flour…check. Sugar…check. Butter…double-check – and don’t forget the kadaif dough! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start baking…

11 years ago

A Family Heirloom Is Passed Along

My aunt, Arpie Vartanesian, has decided to sell her condo and move into an independent living apartment at a senior’s…

13 years ago

Boorma: Paklava’s deliciously delicate cousin (Be sure to check out the VIDEO!)

If you like paklava, you’ll LOVE boorma. Boorma, also spelled ‘bourma’, is made from the same ingredients as paklava, but…

13 years ago

Phyllo or Fillo? Either way, it’s jolly good!

It doesn’t matter which way you spell it, but please: Pronounce it "fee-low." "Phyllo" means leaf in Greek. In culinary…

13 years ago

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