Onnik Dinkjian

Khatoon Boodhi – Rice and Meat Patties: A Recipe from Araksi Dinkjian

Doug and I know a thing or two Dikranagerdsi recipes, but when we saw Anahid Dinkjian’s post for a Dikranagerdsi…

3 years ago

Sonia Tashjian celebrates the foods of Dikranagerd, helping preserve culture and memories

We’ve all experienced a rush of emotion while eating foods familiar from our childhood. For immigrants, especially those who escaped…

4 years ago

Onnik Dinkjian’s Kavourma

Like many Armenian food terms, Kavourma can mean something different depending on the region or even village your family comes from. It's always some…

14 years ago

More on Hoom Kufteh

Last week we posted a recipe and video for making “Hoom Kufteh”. We received a number of comments, and an e-mail…

14 years ago

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