C.K. Garabed

Bamiayov Zahd (Okra Stew) – recipe from C.K. Garabed (aka Charles Kasbarian)

C.K. Garabed (Charles Kasbarian) Some of you might recognize the name C.K. Garabed from ‘The Armenian Weekly’ newspaper, as he…

4 years ago

Another C.K. Garabed recipe featuring Chormis and Kavourma

While we’re on the subject of chormis and kavourma, here’s another one of C.K. Garabed’s Dikranagerdtsi recipes, choulama – an…

10 years ago

C.K. Garabed shares some of his Dikranagerdtsi recipes

Some of you might know of C.K.Garabed through his column in the Armenian Weekly, 'from Uncle Garabed's Notebook'. Others know…

10 years ago

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