Searching for Mushroom Dip and Cake with a Crunchy Filling

The hunt is on again… we’re searching for two more recipes – a dip made with mushrooms and possibly yogurt, and a 2-layer cake with a unique, crispy, crunchy filling.

Reader Lori wrote:
“I am so excited to see this site though!

I used to work in Hollywood. All my staff were Armenian, and for every birthday, the treat was the cake. There was always a spread–and if you could tell me what the name of the mushroom and Yogurt? side dish dip was I will be so excited!

BUT THE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!

It would come as a classic double layer sheet cake, just like an American sheet cake–

But, the filling was this crunchy, honeycomb like molasses crisp wonderful stuff- so in your cake bite there was always a crunch from the filling. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

So–I am trying to find out what it is called, and if I am able to be gifted with this cake on my b’day…. I need to tell my family what it is called and which is the best bakery in Little Armenia to get it?????

Can anyone help me?
Cake is crucial-

The mushroom dip would be an extra bonus!!

Thank you!


Lori, I hope you’re reading this! The search might just be over.
Two of my loyal California “contacts”, Armand Sahakian, proprietor of Nory Locum and Pastries, and Ara Kassabian have joined me in this search on your behalf.

Ara said: “The cake Lori is describing sounds like the walnut honey cake. It is a layer cake that has crushed walnuts and honey, including a layer of crushed walnuts on the top. If this is it, then it is found in most Armenian stores and bakery stores. The Hayastantsi stores do it the best. For this particular cake, I recommend Flor de Cafe, on the corner of Colorado and Glendale Blvd, or Paradise Bakery, on Glenoaks close to Western.
The mushroom dip sounds familiar also but I don’t have the recipe. To get it ready-made, there is Kozanian’s Market on the corner of Chevy Chase and Verdugo, in Glendale. At least they have a mushroom salad that sounds like the one Lori describes.”

Armand, reporting directly from Kozanian’s Ranch Market in Glendale, CA, stated,
“Hi Robyn,
As Ara said, they have both the cake and the mushroom salad. The salad is not made with yogurt however. It’s made with mayo.”

Although Kozanian’s carries the cake in question, Ara suggests going to Paradise Bakery or Cafe de Flor for the cake where it will be fresher and  of a higher quality.

Lori, give these stores a try, and please let us know if they satisfy your cravings.
My personal thanks to Armand and Ara for their swift response, and willingness to help!

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  1. Ara May 16, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Small correction to my earlier response: The honey cake apparently does NOT have any walnuts. The "Ideal" cake (yes there is a cake called "ideal") does. In any case, my local bakery, Art's Bakery, carries both. And their nazooks are to die for! So, Lori, skip Cafe Flor and Paradise and go straight to Art's Bakery on Chevy Chase by Adams (in Glendale). They should have your goods. And, if not, have a nazook; it's worth the trip! 🙂


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