Preparing for Easter? Hop to it!!

I don’t know about you, but we’re all about tradition when it comes to Easter. Here’s a recap of some our Easter favorites.

Zadigi Kahke (Easter Cookies)

If you haven’t already gathered onion skins to color eggs
for Easter, you’ll have to scurry to do so. If that isn’t an option, there are
other ways to color hard-cooked eggs naturally. Click here to learn how.

As far as baking goes, chorag takes center-stage at
Easter, as do Easter Cookies (Zadigi Kahke).

Just a suggestion: We sometimes have Easter Egg Salad to go with the chorag. It’s a nice way to jazz-up otherwise boring hard-cooked eggs.
The main meal? Lamb, of course! Lamb roast Lamb shish kebab.
For side dishes, just scroll through our two recipe lists
and select what strikes you. (Our go-to side dishes include rice or bulgur pilaf, and fassoulia without the meat.)

Another side dish option, Easter Spinach Salad, comes from Rose Baboian’s “Armenian- American” cookbook.

There’s absolutely NO question what dessert will be …
Paklava, of course!

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